BellaMedica is a company providing cellulite/ fat reduction, skin toning/tightening, cold laser pain therapy, and nutritional and fitness counseling. With over 20 years of experience we can customize a holistic plan to transform your body and life.

We are dedicated to offering a premium service. We provide the utmost care and attention to ensuring that our customers get the results they desire and the care they deserve.


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‘I can’t believe the results I am getting after just a couple of sessions! I am hooked – I feel like I‘ve found the fountain of youth’

Julie S, NSW

‘I had liposuction – never again. It was painful and I bruised terribly and took ages to recover. With Ultrasonic Slimming I literally had NO pain, no bruising, spent a fraction of the money and not only got better results – but instant ones! I am hooked, thank you.’

Sonia R, NSW

‘I didn’t believe it at first, I was skeptical and dubious about fat reducing miracles, but after reading the Ultrasonic Slimming website and learning more about the technology and how it works, dubious turned to curious and I went for my session. Well, let‘s just say I am two dress sizes down after just three sessions and I feel amazing.’

Rita T, VIC

‘ I needed to drop a jeans size, it took me two sessions with Ultrasonic Slimming and I achieved it! Now I want to drop another size down. What I also noticed is the improvement in the tone and tightness of my skin. I am so happy, thank you… I will be back.’

Sally F, Sydney